Saudade and Streets of Rage 2

Growing up, I was an only child outside of my four furry dog brothers. Now that I am 25, I have a dog of my own, but it was only just recently that the last of the four dogs I grew up with passed away. As someone who genuinely prefers the company of animals to… Continue reading Saudade and Streets of Rage 2

Mass Effect: Andromeda: More is Less in the Uncanny Valley

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a scattershot experience. By now, everyone and their weird uncle has watched the video complitations and GIFs showcasing the freak-show character animations present in Bioware’s latest effort. Those issues are simply a drop in the bucket when compared to ME:A’s more serious, underlying problems.   The premise of Mass Effect: Andromeda… Continue reading Mass Effect: Andromeda: More is Less in the Uncanny Valley